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Refractory and kiln construction

New construction projects, installation, dismantling and repair of:

  • tunnel, chamber and roller kilns/furnaces for all industries
  • heating furnaces, such as walking beam furnaces, pusher furnaces, etc.
  • sintering and annealing plants
  • incineration, drying and heating plants
  • chemical, petrochemical and refinery plants
  • waste incineration plants
  • timber incineration plants, including hard coal and brown coal furnaces, in the power generation field
  • rotary kilns or other plants in the quicklime and cement industry
  • plants for the entire metallurgical industry
  • melting furnaces and melting tanks, etc., in glass furnace construction
  • drum mills
  • refractory plants with fibre lining

Turnkey production from a single source:

  • i.e. construction management, steel structure assembly, e.g. from rail tracks to pipe systems in all qualities, MSR technology and commissioning

Turnkey execution:

  • of tunnel, chamber and roller furnaces of all construction types

Response to major industrial accidents:

  • fast, uncomplicated & worldwide
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