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Re-certification complete
Once again, our management systems have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 (quality management) and SCC** 2011 (safety at

work) this year. The certificates will be available to download from our website as soon as we receive them from TÜV Thüringen.




Online shop new and improved

Our online portal has been a great hit, but it was beginning to look a little old. Our customers demand more in terms of

quality, service and speed, and so we decided to redesign the shop completely. The new look has been online for a few weeks with new features and functions. Go to and see what’s on offer!

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Large-scale project finished

Last year we overhauled the ducting system for three large exhaust turbines in a co-generation power station operated by the Greifswald municipal utilities provider.

The work was completed on time, according to plan and to our client's complete satisfaction. At the beginning of this year, we sent the relevant documentation to the client and so can now mark the file "closed."

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Shortening a cheese diary chimney

We have been commissioned by Bayernland Käserei in Kemnath with shortening and overhauling the cheese diary's 43-metre brickwork chimney. Apart from reducing the height to 33 metres (without interrupting operations), we will also be repointing the external mortar joints, adding a ladder with fall

arrestor system, installing new lightning protection and undertaking several other tasks. When we've finished, the chimney will be in fine shape for the

next few decades.

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Up the chimney today

Every year, we inspect the condition of our clients' industrial chimneys, in the warmer months if possible. It's something that the relevant regulations usually require be done from the external ladders, but sometimes the inside of the chimney also has to be inspected, particularly if it is subject to high thermal stresses. For us, that means an extra touch of adventure added to our regular tasks ...

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Contract to shorten 85-metre chimney
Everybody is waiting for Spring, and so are we...
As soon as the first rays of sunshine appeared and the temperatures climbed above freezing, we began our preparations for shortening an 85-metre masonry chimney near Frankfurt. When the work is completed, the chimney will be only 40 metres high.
Watch this space for more details soon...

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Major new contract in Greifswald

The new year 2013 brought with it the news that we have been awarded a major new contract. After substantial preparatory work in 2012, we have been commissioned by the Stadtwerke Greifswald, the municipal utilities provider in the Hanseatic city, with the renovation of pipes in one of its gas-fired power stations. We are currently engaged in the planning phase until the end of March, when the structural work will begin. The contract is worth a 7-figure sum and the project is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2013.




Historical chimney restored to former glory
The restoration of the historical masonry chimney in the Alte Ziegelei brickworks in Lage, part of the LWL-Industriemuseum took only a few weeks from beginning to end. Our client was so happy with the results that the local press and TV (WDR) were invited to see for themselves. Click the following links to discover more! >> more




Restoration of a historic masonry chimney 

Firing bricks in a Hoffman ring oven is a rare occurence these days, though not in the LWL-Industrie-Museum in Lage: once a year, the museum fires up its ring oven and makes bricks in the old fashioned way. It’s a real experience for the historically-interested.

Using the oven means, of course, that regular maintenance work is needed, and this year it was the turn of the central chimney for some attention. Several structural problems had been identified at the beginning of the year and assessed as requiring repair, and the museum commissioned us to carry out the work. The brickwork was re-pointed, hundreds of facing bricks were renewed, a new fall arrester system was installed on the ladders, and other work was done to ensure the upkeep of the chimney.

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The new chimney is up!

Barely three months after we took down the old steel chimney in April this year, the Südzucker AG factory in Wabern has its highest point back. The hard work of our staff and two giant cranes - one of them weighing 500 tonnes - ensured that the new chimney was completed at the end of this week, on time, on budget and to the professional standards expected– and the client was delighted.

The following report from the local newspaper contains some photos and more details (in German)

read the report

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Follow-up contract for circular kiln hoods

Our experience in the field and the large number of satisfied clients in recent years has led to us being awarded a 6-figure contract to supply and fit several large hoods for circular kilns. The contract includes the planning, manufacturing, fitting and expert refractory lining of the 5m x 5m steel structures.




65-metre steel chimney in Wabern replaced

Stopped smoking at last! The first phase was the dismantling of the old steel flue using two mobile cranes; one 250-tonne model and a 500-tonne colossus. The new chimney, also in steel, will be erected in August 2012.
Images, videos and more details (in German) can be found in the following report from the local newspaper (Homburger Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeinen Zeitung).
read the report




Refitting a graphitization furnace (3200°C)

Thanks to our years of experience working with high-temperature installations, last month we won a follow-up contract to refit a lengthwise graphitization furnace with 2 chambers, each measuring 35 metres long. Furnaces like this work at over 3200°C; temperatures this high are achieved using high tension induction, meaning that our planning and execution need to be extremely precise!




Replacement of a 65-metre steel chimney in Wabern

After almost 30 years in service, the central chimney at the Südzucker AG factory in Wabern was in urgent need of overhaul. After carefully considering various options including renovation, the decision was made to replace the entire unit.

After considerable groundwork, we were recently awarded the contract to plan, construct and install the new 65-metre steel flue.

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Refurbishment of deep chamber circular kiln in Austria
Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been working on refurbishing a complete deep chamber circular kiln system. Our expertise and years of experience were rewarded with a contract to refit a circular kiln consisting of 20 chambers which had to remain in use during the process. Our skilled personnel mean that we can guarantee the work will be completed to the highest standards and according to plan by the end of March 2012.




Modification of 80-meter chimney in Luxembourg
Last year we were contracted by E.ON Luxembourg with the planning and realisation of modernization work to bring a 80-metre steel-reinforced concrete into line with current safety standards.

Our own construction concept from 2010 in fact formed the basis of the client’s invitation to tender and it was ultimately our bid that was accepted.

After the completion of initial surveys and the production of approvable planning documents, we are currently preparing to implement the concept.

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Supply and erection of a steel chimney in Tettau

As our client’s production capacity was expanding, we were commissioned to construct a new steel chimney. The work done included planning, supply and erection of a double-shelled, 21-m high freestanding chimney in steel, including anchor box and ancillary equipment.

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Lining a pebble mill in Sri Lanka

It was our many years of experience which won us the contract to line a large pebble mill located in an industrial park in Sri Lanka. The combination of highly resistant, precision finished ceramic bricks, skilled workmanship and our expert staff meant that quality and time conditions were fulfilled completely.

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Renovation of a tunnel kiln in Poland
Last year we were commissioned to undertake a large project planning the renovation of a 220-m long tunnel kiln including the 100-m long furnace, the roof and the two lateral walls. After professional planning and using the latest materials, shortcomings in the insulation were repaired.
Thanks to practice-oriented preparation, efficient implementation and our expert staff, the tight schedule set by the client with regard to downtime was not just observed but even undercut.

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Demolition of reinforced concrete chimney near Goslar

In October this year, we were commissioned to demolish a 40-metre reinforced concrete chimney on the former military airfield near Goslar. First, the contaminated internal lining consisting of fireclay bricks and insulating fill was removed before the chimney itself was dismantled in pieces.

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Overhaul of operating brickwork chimney in Frauenau

Our client's goal was to shorten and extend an existing chimney whilst it was still in use. A secondary requirement was that the cap should be adapted to a straight duct to maintain exhaust gas flow speeds at existing levels even after the planned enlargement of the glass smelting furnace connected to the chimney. Perfect planning and precision prefabricatoin of the components at our site in Balgstädt meant that the work on the chimney itself was completed in a record time of just 5 working days. 

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Inauguration of a sculpture built by us in form of an industrial masonry chimney in Bad König
A special structure in stainless steel for LED lighting was mounted on the masonry chimney. The step irons, including fall protection system, were fitted to the inside of the chimney. Final inspection was undertaken by our client the Moontower Foundation, with the comment “A1 quality in terms of preparation and execution”.

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Construction of new masonry chimney in Bad König
After a great deal of careful planning and preparation, we have begun work on a project of a kind that is unusual today; we have started building a piece of art in the form of an industrial masonry chimney constructed of radial clinker bricks. The 30-m high chimney stands on the site of the Moontower Foundation in Bad König near Darmstadt.
In addition to the building work itself, we have also been contracted with the draft design, all structural calculations and all construction documentation.

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