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Chimney construction

Construction services:

  • complete construction of new masonry and steel chimneys
  • supplying requisite materials
  • repair and retrofitting of masonry chimneys
  • repair and retrofittingof reinforced concrete chimneys
  • repair and retrofitting of steel chimneys
  • flue liner repairs
  • installation of stainless steel flue liners
  • demolition and detonation of solid chimneys
  • adapting chimneys to operational changes
  • installation of working platforms
  • application of outer coatings
  • supply and installation of fall protection and lightning protection equipment

Engineering services:

  • production of construction documents (planning of new construction and conversions)
  • statics calculations for steel and solid chimneys in accordance with DIN EN 13084 and 1056
  • calculation of chimney dimensions in accordance with DIN 4705
  • Chimney modernisation in compliance with DIN EN 13084 and DIN 1056
  • Chimney modernisation for external and internal access
    (infrared video scanning if necessary)
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