Since its founding by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Günter Schulz in 1989, Schulz company has been known and recognised as a renowned partner in the field of refractory and chimney construction. From the very first day, we have adhered to the motto of “quality & adherence to delivery dates” as our highest priority. Therefore, our company also has a quality-management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, and is certified in the area of safety, health, and environmental protection in accordance with the regulations of SCC**. We cover all branches of the economy, starting with the fields of rough and fine ceramics, to the graphite, steel, glass, and chemical industries, to high-temperature furnace construction.

The acquisition of “Hans Kolarik & Erben GmbH & Co.KG, Weiden/Opf.”, another renowned refractory and chimney construction company, in 1999, was a step in our steady expansion of our market position. It should be mentioned that Kolarik is over a century old. Implementation of tasks from special building construction forms another division in our service profile. In addition to ornamental and large-area cladding, our main focus is on work with a highly technical level. Furthermore, we plan and build high-quality garden barbecue fireplaces, bread ovens, and sell refractory and ceramic products via our online shop. Marketing takes place through our label “Schuba”.

Decades of experience enable our qualified specialists to offer advice and support to our customers in a variety of different areas.

Our representation in associations includes full memberships in the “Baugewerbeverband Sachsen-Anhalt” (Saxony-Anhalt Construction Association), based in Magdeburg, in the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Feuerfest- und Schornsteinbau e.V.” (German Society for Refractory and Chimney Construction), based in Düsseldorf, and in the “Bundesverband der deutschen Ziegelindustrie” (Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry), based in Bonn.

We may coordinate our work from our location at the centre of Saxony-Anhalt, but we perform our work on site, anywhere in the world. We particularly value on economic and flexible work, react to changing requirements, and provide up-to-date expertise at realistic prices in our work. We strive to implement our customers' ideas in a contemporary, customised, and economical way in planning and construction.

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