Special Building Construction


  • Surface cladding
  • Complete production
  • Special and exceptional tasks
  • Production of formwork material
  • Renovation
  • Facade construction and cladding
  • Project support
  • Thin-bed method

We are your contact for all types of cladding in special building construction. A wide variety of surface facings, for example clinker facing, are part of our range. We help you with your redesign, restoration, or renovation projects in ornamental and exposed masonry. We always work with high precision; in the thin-bed method in particular, we use fitting materials to ensure the 3-mm-wide joint. We also manufacture vaulted masonry completely or renovate it, if necessary also providing the required formwork and arch material. Our international experience enables us to provide professional support for your construction project at various locations. We carefully and professionally complete special tasks with high technical demands.

High-precision special building construction!


  • Ornamental and exposed masonry
  • Clinker facades
  • Vaulted masonry
  • Special tasks


Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG – We are your partner when it comes to special building construction

In special building construction, we encounter challenges every day that seem insurmountable to others. Our team of experts specializes in working in extreme environments and challenging conditions, be it at dizzying heights or inaccessible construction sites. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of special building construction, Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG offers tailor-made solutions for your industrial construction projects. Our range of services includes consulting, engineering, material selection as well as the professional assembly and maintenance of special building structures. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive, one-stop service. From planning to implementation, we provide our customers with advice and support to meet their individual requirements.

Our diverse services in special building construction include, among other things:

• Surface cladding: According to your wishes, we clad building surfaces to fulfill aesthetic or functional purposes. We improve the appearance of your buildings according to your specifications and take care of all the necessary work equipment, scaffolding and materials.
• Complete production: Restoring building complexes, individual houses or structures to a new condition so that they meet the latest requirements and become an eye-catcher is part of our range of services in special building construction.
• Special and special tasks: In the industrial sector, we have been doing work since the beginning of our activity that requires individuality in processing and meets the highest requirements. This makes us the right contact for special and special tasks in special building construction.
• Production of formwork material: We produce formwork and sheet material according to our customers' specifications in order to guarantee compliance with all specifications.
• Renovation: Renovation and restoration in the area of ​​decorative and exposed brickwork is part of our range of services. Accuracy and precision are required here, which we guarantee when the order is placed.
• Facade construction and facade cladding: Precision is required in the area of ​​facade construction and facade cladding. We select the appropriate materials together with our clients and work with the highest precision - especially in the thin-bed process.
• Project support: From the creation of the offer to the completion of the project, you will be looked after by one of our project managers. They have already successfully completed a large number of complex projects in industrial construction and are flexible and solution-oriented.
• Thin-bed process: Minimum joints of 3 mm are the norm for the thin-bed process. We are experienced in implementation and work with our long-standing employees on the relevant projects with the utmost precision.

Our expertise in special building construction includes the following areas:

• Decorative and secure masonry
• Clinker brick facades
• Vaulted masonry
• Special tasks

Our completed projects in the field of industrial chimney construction include:

• Natural stone work
• Normal veneers
• Surface veneering
• Building renovation

Please feel free to inquire about our services in special building construction. We clarify any open questions with you and work out the project process. Trust our years of experience in the industrial construction sector. We are also happy to assist you with international projects.

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