Chimney construction


  • New construction
  • Material delivery
  • Renovation
  • Lining repairs
  • Demolition and blasting
  • Assembly
  • External coating
  • Condition monitoring

We offer a comprehensive service package for chimney construction, including all areas from the preparation of construction documents to new construction and demolition. We are happy to take care of construction site equipment, assembly of working platforms, or the installation of climbing protection and lightning protection equipment. We supply all the necessary materials from our own warehouse in professional quality. This means that any necessary adjustments during the construction phase can be carried out quickly and easily by means of short-term subsequent deliveries. With more than 30 years of experience, we can adjust specifically to operational changes or new legal regulations. We use new software to create design documents for new construction and conversion planning, which enables us to carry out exact and precise structural calculations according to DIN specifications. We can also inspect the condition of your chimneys in external and internal inspections in high-resolution video recording on request.

Chimney construction in professional quality - without exception!


  • Brick chimneys
  • Reinforced concrete chimneys
  • Steel chimneys
  • Special buildings


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