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On September 1st, 2021 we will be welcoming two new apprentices to our company. We look forward to starting a new training year together!

They will betrained as a bricklayer in furnace construction with us. There is a lot of variety in the 3 years of training. Various projects are waiting for our newcomers. Sometimes it goes up to chimneys, listed buildings or industrial plants and then again they work on ovens, incineration plants or even on mills. Boredom never arises!

From the engineering department


In the south of Germany we were ordered to a graphitization furnace. First, an inventory was made. Originally it was 'only' about the renovation. However, it turned out that the existing technical documents were insufficient for the conversion and left some unanswered questions. So our engineering department was entrusted with the extensive calculations and the creation of a 3D model. The need for steel, for example, was ultimately higher than originally thought and could now be precisely determined. So there were no unwanted delays due to a lack of raw materials in the renovation. When the order was concluded, the steel tubs with a length of 21 m and a width of 2.20 m each were completely renewed. They were made by our steel construction company HSB and delivered on time for further operation.

Renovation needed


A chimney in Finsterwalde ... Here you can clearly see the signs of the times. The listed masonry chimney is to be renovated. It stands on the site of the former cloth factory, which was built in 1889/1890. The buildings have been empty since 1990. A new cultural center with a town hall is currently being built there, into which the chimney is to be integrated as a monument. A challenging, great project that we are very happy to support.

The aim is to clean the 46 m high chimney, replace damaged clinker bricks and grout the masonry. Furthermore, the climb is to be revised and the old platform at the chimney head dismantled. In future, the chimney will only have a role to play in shaping the cityscape; it is not planned to use it again as an exhaust system. So it's going up high again for our employees. In compliance with all safety regulations and the client's specifications, hard work has been and is being done here.

Here are more details:

Europe is investing here in the future of our country.


For our current project '3D configurator for online shop' we are receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Further information is available at
You can find our proof of this under the download area with the following link:
The project period is from February 18th until December 31rst 2021.

We look forward to an exciting project with our partners and a good cooperation.

They are done


Our new brochures
Furnace construction | Chimney construction | Special building construction
... with many impressive pictures of our daily work and our range of services in the field of furnace construction, chimney construction and special structural engineering. If you are interested, we will be happy to pass them on to you. Just write to us at

Alternatively, it can be downloaded from> Firing construction company brochure

Small format work


In a Bavarian plant, a silo that is filled with abrasive raw materials was equipped with a wear-protected filling connection. This filling connection consists of a ceramic-lined, modified Storz hose coupling. Otherwise we line whole mills, but a sure instinct was required here. Because the flange has a diameter of only 65 mm and a height of 185 mm. The lining with aluminum oxide in this format was made to match and glued in place. This job doesn't take up a lot of space, but it does take time and a steady hand.

Vietnam - lining of ball mills

After a long wait for approval to travel to Vietnam, one of our experienced employees is on site. With compliance with all hygiene and quarantine regulations after the trip, he was able to start work on the construction site. The on-site job includes the professional lining of two ball mills. With detailed installation plans, precisely fitting aluminum oxide stones and the corresponding epoxy resin adhesive, he is well equipped and hard at work. He lines the cylinders with a thickness of 50 mm. The manhole and the corresponding cover will also be re-lined. The mills are used to crush mineral raw materials. The planned time on the construction site is several weeks.

Planning, delivery and installation of an exhaust system


The project comprised the modernization of the exhaust gas unit on a gas turbine system, starting with planning, through to production, delivery and assembly.

The following areas were dismantled, newly manufactured by our steel construction and reassembled by our specialist staff from the furnace construction:

- exhaust pipes
- expansion joints
- Exhaust silencer
- Flue gas shut-off valves
- Heat / sound insulation pipelines
- System technology accessories and connection parts

The entire project took around 12 months from planning to complete implementation. Through transparent and close coordination with the customer, the planned time for the project could be adhered and the system was put back into operation as planned. A project in which we were able to use all of our skills in a targeted and professional manner. Herewith once again praise to all employees who were involved in the project! We are very satisfied with the project completion.

Takeover and completion of an order for relining a belt hardening furnace


Our international customer - a manufacturer and developer of fasteners - commissioned us to reload a conveyor belt furnace.
Our tasks included the complete removal of the defective refractory lining in the belt hardening furnace and the storage of the demolition material in containers provided by the customer. However, the main focus was on the professional installation of a refractory lining in the belt hardening furnace in the areas of the ceiling, the side walls, the front wall (furnace entrance), the floor and the front wall (hopper area). The material was delivered at short notice and on time from our own warehouse and by one of our suppliers with whom we have maintained a good and reliable business relationship for years.

We are pleased that we have been repeatedly used as contractors for this customer and thank you for the good cooperation.

New lining of classifier - fast & precise


A new order that we got delivered to the house. A southern European customer delivered a classifier unit, which was re-lined at our company location. A precisely fitting aluminum oxide lining was used as wear protection.

In small-scale manual work, this was assembled according to the construction, which we received in advance. This resulted in a fast, precise and timely execution, in compliance with all customer specifications.

Fröhliche Weihnachten


Wir wünschen fröhliche Weihnachten,
Zeit zur Entspannung,
Besinnung auf die wirklich wichtigen Dinge
und viele Lichtblicke im kommenden Jahr.

Das Team der Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG

Made-to-measure work: project completion at the Imerys Group


At the end of November, we were able to successfully finish the lining of a ball mill with a diameter of 2.46 m for our customer of the Imerys Group.
Our work included the complete engineering, the provision of the necessary materials, the removal of the old mill lining, sandblasting work in preparation and the professional installation of a perfectly fitting wear lining made of aluminum oxide. Smooth bricks were used on the front sides. However, in the mill casing, shaft wedge bricks were used entirely. Our on-site employees delivered a precise result.

The customer's conclusion:
We are very satisfied with the work done in connection with the project of the new brick lining of the ball mill, all work was carried out as planned on schedule and in the required quality. In the end, the work was completed even before the specified deadline. The workflow went smoothly and the communication with the employees was always good and friendly. Overall, the total output performance of your company is definitely absolutely recommendable. Many thanks

Extension of our framework agreement with Schott AG

Due to our good cooperation so far, we were able to continue to conclude the framework agreements with the glass manufacturer Schott AG at the Jena location for the coming years. We have been on site for the Schott company for many years and are available at short notice for emergency operations. Basically, we, Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG, take on all maintenance and repair work there that is necessary and legally required on the highly specialized glass furnaces. A good, trusting partnership has been established right from the start.

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation!

Burgenland company run 2020

This year we took part in the Burgenland company run for the first time.
It was an all-round successful event and we look forward to seeing you again next year.
Many thanks go to our runners and the organizers of the event.

#Firmenlaufburgenland #Feuerungsbau #SchubaShop #Burgenland

International? We can!


In recent years we have been able to win more and more international customers. For example, we are active in the area of wear protection for the repair, refurbishment and new construction of drum and ball mills in countries such as Sri Lanka, Saudi-Arabia, Vietnam, Russia and Spain. This requires some logistical preparation, which we can handle smoothly based on our experience. The organization of flights, accommodations, transfers and other arrangements with our customers is easy for us. Our specialist staff works with the employees on site and - depending on the request and type of order - works in coordination with your team. We would be happy to organize the necessary materials for you! For example, we obtain wear protection ceramics directly from our own warehouse, as we regularly keep them for sale in our Schuba Shop. So we can provide you with supplies at short notice.

We take on your orders quickly, easily and internationally.

Recertification for the management according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001) and according to the normative SCC: 2011 (standard SCC **)


Anfang Juli haben wir als Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG die Rezertifizierung unseres integrierten Managementsystems in den Bereichen Qualitätsmanagement nach DIN EN ISO 9001 sowie Arbeitssicherheit nach SCC** erfolgreich bestritten.
Ein externer Auditor des TÜV Thüringen überprüfte bei einem Besuch am Unternehmensstandort sowie einem Baustellenbesuch die wirksame Anwendung unseres Managementsystems. Dies geschah durch Mitarbeiterbefragungen, Einsichtnahme in Dokumente und Beobachtung von Prozessabläufen.
Im Ergebnis des Audits wurde unser Managementsystem wiederholt als vollständig wirksam bewertet. Besonders hervorgehoben wurden die offene und konstruktive Atmosphäre im Unternehmen, der sehr strukturierte Ablauf unserer Projekte sowie der sehr hohe Dokumentationsstandard.
Wir als Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG verstehen unser Managementsystem selbstverständlich als Werkszeug für die Erfüllung der Wünsche und Anforderungen unserer Kunden unter Einhaltung der Forderungen aus Normen und Gesetzen aber auch als Werkzeug für die Umsetzung der Arbeitssicherheit und den Schutz unserer Mitarbeiter vor arbeits- bzw. berufsbedingten Gefährdungen.

It's finally here! Our new website


After a lot of discussion and hard work, our new website is finally ready to go live. We are now replacing and retiring our old website. It did a great job while it lasted, but the time for a new look has come. We are now launching our modernised and user-optimised appearance.

Our work equipment has also been modernised. It is subject to constant adaptation to the new challenges of our projects in furnace and chimney construction. To this end, we are constantly participating in further training to stay up to date in terms of general and occupational safety. Please contact us if you have any new projects, regardless of whether they are from the field of furnace construction/chimney construction/wear protection or engineering.

Any questions?

Than you simply write it to us.