• Technical calculations
  • Construction drawings by CAD
  • Modernisation planning
  • Technical consulting
  • Surveying
  • Inspection
  • Material delivery
  • Design documentation

More than 30 years of experience in engineering enable us to provide highly competent technical consulting in the areas of furnace and chimney construction, special building construction, and wear protection. Projects are individually coordinated with you and supervised by skilled personnel. Starting with the assessment and measurement of your facilities on site, we show you efficient ways to implement your construction project. Use of new software, special drone operation, and infrared video recording enables us to carry out precise thermal and structural calculations. Construction drawings via CAD, 2D plans, and 3D constructions enables both you and us to make all necessary detailed preparations to guarantee a smooth process during the construction phase. Delivery of our own high-quality refractory materials also ensures uninterrupted operation. We always work according to the latest DIN specifications and under current occupational safety regulations.

Professional and customised engineering!


  • Furnace construction
  • Chimney construction
  • Wear protection
  • Special building construction


Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG – engineering from the specialist

As a specialist in the field of furnace and chimney construction, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services. From concept development to implementation, we are at your side with our many years of experience and specialist knowledge. In engineering, we offer you tailor-made solutions and cover all aspects of technical wear protection and furnace and chimney construction. We visualize your project using extensive technical options, such as 3D scanning and 3D modeling and state-of-the-art drawing programs. We address your requirements in detail and keep an eye on the legal requirements. We attach particular importance to the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

Our engineering services include the following topics:

• Technical calculations: We offer you precise analysis and calculation of all the necessary parameters for your project. From sizing to performance optimization, we use advanced tools and proven methods to maximize the efficiency and safety of your assets. Rely on our experienced engineering team to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.
• Construction drawings via CAD: We create detailed plans for the planning and implementation of your project. By using the latest CAD technology, we ensure effective design and visualization of your projects, ensuring a smooth construction phase and the highest quality. Trust in our expertise!
• Modernization planning: We offer comprehensive analysis and planning for the modernization of your existing systems. We develop tailor-made concepts and solutions to improve the efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility of your systems. The aim is to bring the technology up to date and achieve long-term savings.
• Technical advice: We support you with our experience in all technical questions relating to technical wear protection and combustion and chimney systems. With our specialist knowledge, we develop individual solutions together, overcome challenges and successfully implement your projects.
• Surveying: In the surveying area, we offer precise and detailed recording of local conditions for the successful implementation of your construction project. By using the latest surveying technologies, we ensure precise data collection to enable optimal planning and implementation. Rely on our surveying experts to create a solid foundation for successful projects.
• Assessment: Through expert assessments, we identify potential problems, develop proposed solutions and offer recommendations for optimizing or renovating your system. We advise you to ensure the reliability, safety and efficiency of your systems and to minimize future challenges.
• Material delivery: In the engineering area, we select the right materials for the project together with our client based on the specifications. We offer you high-quality refractory and ceramic materials as part of your order. We deliver carefully selected products that meet the highest quality standards and are optimized for your specific requirements. With our own extensive material warehouse, we can ensure that your construction project runs smoothly.
• Construction documents: We take care of creating detailed and precise documents for your order. From technical drawings to construction plans, we offer you comprehensive documentation (if required: digital and print) that enables smooth planning and implementation of your projects.

Our completed engineering projects include, for example, the construction / measurement / modeling of:

• Wood chip boilers and other boiler systems
• Piping systems
• Sealing covers in wear protection
• Graphitization furnaces and shuttle furnaces
• Fasteners
• Wind sifter
• Port ovens
• Boiler systems
• Ring kilns and tunnel kilns
• Glass kilns and rotary kilns
• Masonry chimneys and reinforced concrete chimneys
• Steel chimneys
• Lining for industrial mills

Overall, engineering in combustion and chimney construction encompasses a variety of specialist areas and requires comprehensive technical expertise as well as close collaboration with customers, architects, building contractors and other stakeholders. We as Günter Schulz GmbH & Co. KG can offer you exactly that and are the right contact for your engineering projects. Please feel free to contact us.

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