Training as a furnace and chimney builder (m/f/d)

As a combustion and chimney builder, you are responsible for the construction of chimneys, industrial furnaces and combustion systems: from heat and fire protection to fireproof and heat-insulating materials through to the processing of concrete and reinforced concrete - with your specialist knowledge and craftsmanship you ensure that pollutants derived and combustion energy can be used more efficiently.

Why being a furnace and chimney fitter (m/f/d) is a brilliant job:

  • growing importance and recognition for the craft
  • visible achievements at the end of a productive day
  • at the end of the day you see what you have achieved
  • stoves and chimneys are built by hand - furnace and stove builders (m/f/d) are sought-after specialist personnel
  • stable job even in turbulent times
  • promising prospects on the job market
  • Fitness effects without the need for a gym
  • Team spirit and fun in craft projects
  • exciting and varied tasks in the construction industry

Qualities you should have:

A head for heights and physical fitness are essential for the job as a furnace and chimney fitter (m/f/d). In addition, you should have a talent for mathematical and physical connections and work very carefully and carefully.

This is how the training is made up:

  • Duration of training: 3 years
  • Start of training: in individual coordination on August 1st or September 1st - individual start is also possible
  • Midterm exam: in the middle of the second year of training, gives you orientation on your level of learning
  • Final exam: at the end of the training there is a final / journeyman examination in theory and practice
  • Professional school:
    • in block lessons
    • accessible by public transport via train and tram
    • alternatively, accommodation will be provided
  • Practical training:
    • in the training center
    • bus transfer service from accommodation to the training center
    • practical training on site or on our construction sites
    • ee take care of the accommodation (we organize it and cover the costs)
  • Mobility:
    • We'll be happy to pay for a trainee ticket for you!
    • You will be taken to the construction sites by colleagues.

Your tasks:

As a furnace and chimney builder (m/f/d), you build chimneys, exhaust systems and fireproof structures for industrial or heating plants.

  • Build: Your structures have to withstand extremely high temperatures. You build chimneys and chimneys from heat-resistant and thermally insulating materials - balancing on the roofs of factories, industrial facilities or on scaffolding.
  • Line out: You will provide fireproof lining for industrial furnaces and waste incineration plants - with know-how and taking heat and fire protection precautions into account.
  • Assemble: Your area of ​​responsibility includes designing and installing lightning protection devices, as well as attaching chimney strips or head covers.
  • Servicing: The perfect functioning of your buildings is vital - that's why you take on the maintenance, repair and renovation of chimneys and systems.

Your training content:

Your training as a furnace and chimney builder (m/f/d) prepares you for the challenges of your future professional life - and includes these topics:

  • Order acceptance, service recording, work plan and process plan
  • Setting up, securing and clearing construction sites
  • Inspecting, storing and selecting construction materials and construction materials
  • Reading and using drawings, making sketches
  • Carrying out measurements
  • Manufacture of chimneys and exhaust systems
  • Manufacture of fireproof structures
  • Installation of insulation materials for heat, cold, sound and fire protection
  • Setting up lightning protection systems for external lightning protection
  • Renovating, repairing and securing structures
  • Quality assurance measures and reporting
  • Organization of the training company, vocational training as well as labor and collective bargaining law
  • Safety and health protection
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Digitalized working world

Your career opportunities:

Training as a furnace and chimney fitter (m/f/d) is your first step towards gaining a foothold in the construction industry.

After completing your training, you can work with us as a journeyman - and specialize further through professional or business training.

If you want to go further professionally, you can acquire the master craftsman's certificate (Bachelor Professional) and work as a foreman in the bricklaying and concrete construction trades with us. You can also study with your master’s certificate in your pocket – even without a high school diploma. We would be happy to support you.

Du siehst: The construction trade offers interesting opportunities for your professional future!

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